About the Music:

  • SCOTT CAMPBELL: song writing, vocals and guitar; 
  • CHRIS BALDING: song writing, vocals and harmonica;
  • DEB BERLINGER: drums;
  • MARK PATTON: upright bass and vocals

So, what does it mean, you ask? LOVAGE ROOT, known in the South as Bo' HOG ROOT, is widely reputed to Aid Love and Sexuality. To draw a new lover or increase passion in someone special, folks carry a red flannel bag in which they place 3 slices of Bo' HOG ROOT, some Sampson Snake Root, and a John the Conquerer Root, Queen Elizabeth Root if female. A red 7-day candle dressed with Attraction Oil and crumbled LOVAGE is also said to draw a new lover. Other people tell us that they boil LOVAGE in a pan of water to make a tea. For 9 days, they bathe in this tea before dawn, carry the wash basin to a crossroads, call the name of the one they Love, and throw the bath-water over their left shoulder toward the Sunrise. We make no special claims for LOVAGE ROOT. . . . but, you might find our groove infectious.



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